Church Housing x YIGBY

Church Housing x YIGBY
July 14, 2020 Charly Ligety

Church Housing Pilot Project [Draft]


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Church Land Sheltering Our Most Vulnerable

Mission: YIGBY, or “Yes in God’s Backyard”, is a movement pioneering a new path forward to help houses of worship become part of the solution to San Diego’s housing crisis.

Problem: A lack of affordable housing sites available in many California communities.

Solution: Build affordable housing on church-owned land in partnership with developers and off-site manufacturers to help build affordable housing in a collaborative, transparent, efficient manner.



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  • Late 2019–San Diego Council OKs ‘YIGBY’ Reforms For Housing On Church Parking Lots
  • 2020–Completing designs and pre-development work, raising philanthropic funds.


Planned Outcome

  • Complete first pilot project in 2021
  • Help build 3,000 new units of affordable housing on Church-owned land by 2025

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