Draft Deal

Draft Deal
August 3, 2020 Charly Ligety

Project Name [Draft]

A Shelter by City Name


In February 2020,  the City of ___ opened ___. The facility shelters 100 men and women in a large white tent, and 54 transitional-age youth (18-24) in bungalows.


  • Launched in 2018 to shelter over 3k people, the Mayor’s A Bridge Home program is designed to be an alternative to encampments

Mission: Provide an alternative to encampments to help move people off the streets, through bridge housing facilities, and into long-term housing.


Owner: City-owned land

Previous Use: Paved parking lot

Use Arrangement: Master leased to operator via Emergency Housing Operations Agreement

Site Selection Criteria Considerations: N/A

Site Selection Notes


  • Opposition faced
  • Judge rulings



Upfront Development* $5 million $3 million from City, $2 million from Community Foundation Grant
Cost Per Bed* $49k 154 beds in total
Operating Costs* $4.53 million/year HEAP funds via  -(source):



Cost Per Bed* $29k/year $__/bed/night


Funding Notes


  • $3 million City funding sources: $2.8 million from Homeless Services Program Fund, etc.
  • Program services funding provided by HEAP

Additional Funding Notes

  • This year, as part of the State’s Fiscal Year (FY) 2019-20 Budget, the State set aside $650 million in one-time funding for the construction and expansion of emergency shelters and
    navigation centers, rapid rehousing, permanent supportive housing, job programs, and for innovative projects like hotel/motel conversions. The Homeless Housing, Assistance, and
    Prevention Program (HHAPP) will make available $275 million to large cities, with a significant portion going to Los Angeles.
  • Prior state funds for emergency shelters were provided by the 2018-enacted HEAP funding allocations (link).


Lead Deal Coordinator City of ___
Community Engagement ?
Construction Management ?
Shelter Vendor / Manufacturer ?
On-Site Assembly  ?


Design Notes


  • The design includes 100 beds within the membrane structure, 54 additional beds in youth trailers, a hygiene trailer, a youth hygiene trailer, 154 60-gallon storage containers, a free-standing shade structure, an administration trailer, and an exterior dining area. Other features include an outdoor pet area, bike racks, a smoking area and general open space.


Lead Operators:


Operator Operator Background




Agreement 3-year lease between ___ and ____.
  • 14 day-shift workers
  • Shelter Manager
  • Program Supervisor
  • Logistic Coordinators
  • Case Managers
  • Security
  • Janitorial
  • Back-end Admin
Services Provided Manage and operate the site 24/7 with experienced staff and security personnel. Case management, mental health and substance abuse oversight.
  • ~$__/night operating costs
Operating Expenses
  • On-Site Personnel
  • Maintenance
  • Client Services, meals


Operation Notes


  • ___is a nonprofit that has done work with the City of Los Angeles in the past
  • Local preference policy at shelters

Relevant Materials


  • Sublease Authorization:
  • City Council Approval:

Innovation Themes

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