Civic Engagement

Civic Engagement


There are many ways the general public can get involved in local government in the community development and housing realms. Some are listed below.

Neighborhood Councils

The Neighborhood Council system was establishedin 1999 as a way of ensuring that the City government remains responsive to the different needs and lifestyles of Los Angeles’ rich variety of communities. There are currently 99 Neighborhood Councils in Los Angeles, each serving about 40,000 people.

Government Commissions

Government commissions are led by appointed residents of the City and/or County, who both oversee and advise in the successful functioning of their respective departments.


  • Department of Neighborhood Empowerment Housing Innovation Collaborative
  • Kaiser Permanente Housing Innovation Collaborative
  • Los Angeles City Planning Housing Innovation Collaborative
  • City of Los Angeles Housing Innovation Collaborative
  • The Jewish Federation Housing Innovation Collaborative

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