Building Kits

Building Kits

Standardized design kits from architects and kit of parts from manufacturers are quickly emerging to help simplify and accelerate the design and construction process. Some examples are listed below.


Blokable – The Blokable Building System (BBS)-  a comprehensive building system designed, engineered, and manufactured to consistently produce high-quality, low-cost, connected housing. Each Blok in the system is a standardized, modular housing component assembled entirely in our manufacturing facility and designed to be stacked, combined, and connected to create prosperous communities.

Nest (by Brooks Scarpa and Plant Prefab) – Nest toolkit can be configured in multiple ways using various site types and a typical lot size of 50’x150’, or a combination of them. The architects have designed a series of potential unit plans that differ according to rapid-rehousing, single-room occupancy (SRO) and traditional multi-family formations.




  • Brooks + Scarpa Housing Innovation Collaborative
  • Plant Prefab Housing Innovation Collaborative
  • Blokable Housing Innovation Collaborative
  • The Rapid Shelter Innovation Showcase Housing Innovation Collaborative

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