The Value of Neighborhood Trees




The Value of Neighborhood Trees

Rachel Malarich
City Forest Officer, Los Angeles

Trees help advance citywide sustainability and climate goals, beautify neighborhoods, and improve air quality. Every tree represents a long-term investment into a community, with the possibility of seeding social, economic, and environmental equity. The City of Los Angeles’ first-ever City Forest Officer, Rachel Malarich, is tasked with helping Los Angeles reach an ambitious goal: to plant and maintain 90,000 trees by the end of 2021 and to keep planting trees at a rate of 20,000 annually. With The Tree Canopy Lab, Rachel and her team overlay data, such as population density and land use data, to understand what’s happening within the 500 square miles of the city, where new trees will have the biggest impact on a community, and helps answer questions about how trees can increase resident wellbeing and housing values in the city’s most underserved communities. What role can neighborhood trees play in building a more just, sustainable city for future generations?

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LMU Study: Tree Canopy Map Viewer

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