The Collaborative: The Housing Eco-system Directory

The Collaborative: The Housing Eco-system Directory
June 30, 2020 Charly Ligety

The Collaborative


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Building The Innovation Ecosystem

Mission: Increase open collaboration in the housing and community development ecosystem.

Problem: The housing industry is fragmented and vast, making it difficult for stakeholders to understand roles within the industry for incumbent organizations and new entrants.

Solution: Build an online, sortable directory of every organization involved in the process of creating in new unit of housing, with a initial focus on the organizational network of the greater Los Angeles region.



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  • Early 2019– Business development and initial industry landscape research initiated
  • December 2019 – First draft of the directory uploaded
  • March 2020 – Over 100 organizations included


Production Contributions

Headliner Sponsor $10,000 Buy Ticket
Front Row $1,000 Buy Ticket
Collaborative Partner $100 Buy Ticket
Attendee $10 Buy Ticket

Planned Outcome

  • Double the number of new partnerships made between organizations working in the housing industry
  • 200 active participating organizations
  • 2x rate of implementation for new housing innovations

Supporting Cast

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Partnering Organizations

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Project Team

Team Lead Charly Ligety Director of Housing Innovation at Housing on Merit
Legal Team Rutan and Tucker
Press Idan & Jason Sims & Associates Inc.
Web Developer Nick Anastasiades LLOBE
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