California Policy Lab

California Policy Lab


The California Policy Lab (“CPL” or “The Lab”), a University of California initiative started in 2017 at UC Berkeley and UCLA, is designed to create data-driven insights for the public good. CPL’s mission is to partner with California’s state and local governments to generate scientific evidence that solves California’s most urgent problems, including homelessness, poverty, crime, and education inequality. The Lab facilitates close working partnerships between policymakers and researchers to help evaluate and improve public programs through empirical research and technical assistance.

CPL is working with the City and the County of Los Angeles to analyze data to better understand the drivers of homelessness and who is most likely to need frequent, high cost services in the future. This research will help inform prevention strategies to keep people in their homes and improve outcomes for the most vulnerable people.

More about their work in Serving High-Need Populations and Reducing Homelessness here.


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