Evans Lane San Jose*

Evans Lane*


Transitional Housing in San Jose, CA


Evan’s Lane…


  • Opened in 2021

Mission: Provide an alternative to encampments to help move people off the streets, through bridge housing facilities, and into long-term housing.


Owner: Land owned by _

Previous Use: _

Use Arrangement: _

Site Selection Criteria Considerations: _



Upfront Development*$7.6 million_
Cost Per Bed*$49k_ beds in total
Operating Costs*$3.4 million/year_
Cost Per Bed*$22k/year


Funding Notes


  • Funding from ____

Additional Funding Notes

  • This year, as part of the State’s Fiscal Year (FY) 2019-20 Budget, the State set aside $650 million in one-time funding for the construction and expansion of emergency shelters and
    navigation centers, rapid rehousing, permanent supportive housing, job programs, and for innovative projects like hotel/motel conversions. The Homeless Housing, Assistance, and
    Prevention Program (HHAPP) will make available $275 million to large cities, with a significant portion going to Los Angeles.
  • Prior state funds for emergency shelters were provided by the 2018-enacted HEAP funding allocations (link).


Lead Deal Coordinator637078722374930000 Housing Innovation CollaborativeCity of San Jose
Community Engagement
Construction ManagementThe Bureau of Engineering (BOE) is providing project design and management oversight of the City’s GSD Construction Forces to complete the project
Shelter Vendor / ManufacturerStatic1.squarespace Housing Innovation CollaborativeindieDwell
On-Site Assembly ??


Design Notes


  • The design includes 100 beds within the membrane structure, 54 additional beds in youth trailers, a hygiene trailer, a youth hygiene trailer, 154 60-gallon storage containers, a free-standing shade structure, an administration trailer, and an exterior dining area. Other features include an outdoor pet area, bike racks, a smoking area and general open space.


Lead Operators:


Agreement3-year lease _
  • 14 day-shift workers
  • Shelter Manager
  • Program Supervisor
  • Logistic Coordinators
  • Case Managers
  • Security
  • Janitorial
  • Back-end Admin
Services Provided_
  • ~$_/bed/night operating costs
Operating Expenses
  • On-Site Personnel
  • Maintenance
  • Client Services, meals


Operation Notes


  • PATH is a nonprofit that has done work with the City of Los Angeles in the past
  • Local preference policy at shelters