Q70 Emergency Sleeping Cabin


Q70 Emergency Sleeping Cabin


Easy to build - three people can assemble with hex wrenches and two ladders - and packs for long-distance shipment, with 12 fitting into 1 shipping container.

Ready (In Stock)


2 residents / 1 unit

$5,997 / resident

Temporary (<6 months)

45 days offsite1 days onsite

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Concept Owner / Company: QuickHaven Inc, Transitional Shelters
Website: https://quickhaven.com/
Contact: info@QuickHaven.com

Modular pack-flat shelter; 1 hour setup. Better insulated than most homes. Metal fire & pest resistant panels, 30 year construction. Take down for re-use in 30 minutes. Fully CA code compliant.

  • Quoted Total Cost: $11,995
  • Planned Occupancy: 2 people / 1 unit
  • Estimated Cost Per Bed: $5,997
  • Quote’s Total Interior Square Footage: 70 sqft
  • Quote Includes # Units: 1 unit
  • Used for Shelter Before: Yes, examples in Sonoma and Petaluma, CA
  • Readiness: Ready (Prior Use Cases), units made to order
  • In Stock / Ready to Ship Today: No
  • Manufacturer Identified and Available: Yes
  • Setup Speed: <90 days
  • Setup Difficulty: Low skill (RV, tent)
  • % Built Onsite: <10% – Arrives Ready, Almost All Built/Assembled Off-Site
  • Portability: Portable (after major disassembly)
  • Intended Use of Shelter: Temporary (<6 months)



Design AdvantagesThe Q70 needs minimal site prep. Has a self-suspended floor & pre-wired to receive overhead power. 3 people can assemble with hex wrenches & two ladders. 12 fit into 1 shipping container.
Manufacturer IdentifiedYes
Used for shelter in the U.S.?Yes
Prior use examples27 Shelters are being deployed to the City of Petaluma and 5 so far to Sonoma Homeless Action. We have shipped 9 shelters to date (1/28/22)
Prior use comments
Building experience commentsOptimized for temp use yet durable to last 30+ years. Resembles upscale townhouses; attractive to neighbors & cozy for residents. Q70 lowers community resistance & deploys fast & inexpensively.
Intended use casesUse for supportive villages & disaster housing, widely adaptable for other uses such as farms and farm workers, churches, rehab centers, military, offices etc.
R-value (insulation)21-30
Risk CategoryII
Roof Load (PSF)0
Indoor Clearance Height (ft)10
Professional Engineer Stamp?
Conforms to ICC’s Temporary Structure and Uses Code
Other Structural / Safety Comments
Sustainability / Green Building Certifications?
Materials Used / Made of:Primary material is Metal Insulated Composite Panels (MIPs).
Disassembly / Assembly Comments:Assembles in 1 hour with only people power. Disassembles in 30 minutes. 12 can be stored in a single high-cube shipping container.
Ideal Mounting SurfacesSoil (Dirt/Grass), Asphalt / Parking Lot, Other
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