The Exhibition

The Exhibition

The world’s first innovation hub dedicated to incubating, showcasing, and implementing the next generation of housing solutions.

Designed as “the world’s fair of housing innovation”, this is the future of housing on display and in action. The Exhibition is a pop-up village of full-scale 3D-printed/prefab/modular display homes, housing prototypes, and inspirational gallery, work, and community gathering spaces. It is the physical platform empowering our reinvention of the entire housing production process – from improved community engagement, to policy, design, financing, social services, and beyond.

Visit The Virtual Online Version:

Vr Village Housing Innovation Collaborative

Display Homes

On-site open house events and tours

Community Events

Speakers, panels, & foods trucks


Prototypes, demonstrations, & programs


Interactive exhibits, pavilions, & community art

Opening in Los Angeles in the near future, The Exhibition will provide the physical platform to enable the reimagination of the entire housing production process.

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