Hillside Development

Building housing on Los Angeles’ steep hillsides presents a series of uphill battles with neighbors, building codes, and natural forces (fires, landslides, earthquakes, and gravity). However, overcoming these challenges is imperative as Los Angeles continues to densify. With almost 28% of LA’s single-family zoning in hillside areas, there is a lot of opportunity to turn previously overlooked parcels into developable sites.


  • Los Angeles City Planning Housing Innovation Collaborative
  • Mutuo Housing Innovation Collaborative

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LACDA led an RFP for a 3D printed house.

LACDA led an RFP for a 3D printed house.

The 3D printing process is starting to evolve – using photosensitive resin and light.

Earlier this year, Icon printed a welcome center for a master-planned community in Austin, Texas, designed for people who have been chronically homeless, and the company is beginning to print 400-square-foot homes in the community that will be completed in early 2020.