Modular Housing Using Shipping Containers vs. Steel vs. Wood



Modular Housing Using Shipping Containers vs. Steel vs. Wood

Michael Bohn, Erika Stubstad, Justin Roth
Architect Leads, Studio One Eleven

When comparing building new modular housing methods, including shipping container modular, steel-framed modular, and wood-framed modular – which one is the best? To know the answer, it critical knowing the various ways to build offsite and to weigh the pros and cons of each construction method to determine the best, most feasible, most affordable modular solution for a given project. The architects at Studio One Eleven share their perspectives in designing and building modular projects using these three popular modular building methods – shipping containers, steel-frame modular, and wood-framed modular. In looking to the future, which has the most promise for cost savings and where are the areas for future improvements and innovations in these emerging, fast-evolving new construction methods?

Presented by the leaders at Long Beach based architecture studio, Studio One Eleven: Michael Bohn (Senior Principal + Design Director), Erika Stubstad (Design Director + Architect Lead), and Justin Roth (Architect + Project Manager).

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