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Ablenook 001


Assembles without tools, resists hurricanes, infinitely expandable, and can go anywhere without heavy equipment like cranes.

Built Prototype Only


2 residents / 1 bedroom

$37,500 / resident

Long-Term/Permanent (15+ years)

4 days offsite 1 days onsite

AbleNook is a new kind of home that assembles without tools, is infinitely expandable, resists hurricanes and can go anywhere without heavy equipment like cranes.

  • Quoted Total Cost: $75,000
  • Planned Occupancy (1 person/bed): 2 beds
  • Estimated Cost Per Bed: $37,500
  • Quote’s Total Interior Square Footage: 270 sqft
  • Quote Includes # Units: 1 unit
  • Used for Shelter Before: Not used as shelter yet
  • Readiness: Built Prototype Only
  • In Stock / Ready to Ship Today: No
  • Manufacturer Identified and Available: N/A
  • Setup Speed: 6 days
  • Setup Difficulty: Moderate (prefab assembly)
  • % Built Onsite: 50% – Some Prefab Parts Assembled On-Site/Flat Pack
  • Portability: Portable (after major disassembly)
  • Intended Use of Shelter: Long Term/Permanent (15+ years)
Design Advantages + Can be deployed on uneven terrain+ Units can be assembled by unskilled individuals, without power tools

+ Integrated electrical

+ Can be expanded for larger space requirements

+ Thermally insulated

+ Units can be used for residential, military, home office, and school
+ portable applications

+ Thermodynamically based upon bungalow typology = passive cooling effect

+ Can be re-used = long term savings

+ Units are shipped flat packed

+ More units can be delivered per truck load to disaster areas

Manufacturer Identified No
Used for shelter in the U.S.? No
Prior use examples Built prototype in factory only
Prior use comments
Building experience comments
Intended use cases
R-value (insulation) 31-40
Risk Category
Roof Load (PSF)
Indoor Clearance Height (ft) 7
Waterproof? Yes
Professional Engineer Stamp?
Conforms to ICC’s Temporary Structure and Uses Code
Other Structural / Safety Comments
Sustainability / Green Building Certifications?
Materials Used / Made of: Flat packed, site assembled kit that consists of a lightweight aluminum structural frame that slides/snaps together with SIPs (structural insulated panels) for floors, walls and ceilings.
Disassembly / Assembly Comments: Assembly and disassembly are the same process but in reverse for the AbleNook. There are no nails or glue to be stripped when disassembly simply pull the levers or latches and the structure will come apart piece by piece
Ideal Mounting Surfaces Soil (Dirt/Grass), Asphalt / Parking Lot, Other
Anchoring Process Depending on the location this can change. Jay bolts or simple anchors will work with the AbleNook system


Item Cost ($) Notes
Materials $75,000
Labor $10,000
Delivery $2,000
Budget Total $87,000
Total Per Bed $43,500
Total Per Unit $87,000
Add-on Items
Check all items that are not included in your quote (i.e. would need to be quoted by outside party) Foundation work, Delivery Charge, Other
List outside vendors needed to execute (including any architects and engineers) Hookup connections with city or local governments are not included. any work on the terrain will need to be executed prior to deployment.
Possible Delivery Method(s) Flat pack module, Regular-sized trailer, Over-sized trailer
Design (days) 2
Production (days)
Site Prep (days)
Delivery (days) 2
Total (days) 6
Amount in Inventory (#) 0
Production Capacity 30
Production Location Tampa, Florida, USA

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