Jupe Single


Jupe Single


Ready (In Stock)


2 residents / 1 bedroom

$8,750 / resident

Medium Term (1-10 years)

28 days offsite 2 days onsite

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Concept Owner / Company: Co-Founders Jeff Wilson and Cameron Blizzard
Website: www.jupe.com
Contact: j@jupe.com

Jupe is reimagining structures from the ground up. What the Rivian chassis does for myriad electric vehicles (i.e. Ford, Amazon Delivery, etc), Jupe’s chassis is doing for all types of housing and the built environment. The Jupe is a flat packed transportable platform that contains the guts of a structure’s use case. Jupe can act as the foundation interface for medical units in a pandemic, backyard homes (ADUs) in San Jose, to transitional disaster relief housing in Puerto Rico. Jupe platforms come ‘pre-charged’ upon arrival (24 to a trailer) with a week’s worth of power and water.

  • Quoted Total Cost: $17,500
  • Planned Occupancy (1 person/bed): 1 bed
  • Estimated Cost Per Bed: $17,500
  • Quote’s Total Interior Square Footage: 111 sqft
  • Quote Includes # Units: 1 unit
  • Used for Shelter Before: Yes, examples in the U.S.
  • Readiness: Ready to Ship
  • In Stock / Ready to Ship Today: Yes
  • Manufacturer Identified and Available: Yes, Jupes built in their factory in Los Angeles, CA
  • Setup Speed: 30-60 days
  • Setup Difficulty: Low skill (RV, tent)
  • % Built Onsite: <10% – Arrives Ready, Almost All Built/Assembled Off-Site
  • Portability: Semi-Mobile (detachable, minor disassembly)
  • Intended Use of Shelter: Medium Term (1-10 years) years


Used for shelter before? Yes
Used for shelter in the U.S.? Yes
If so, list examples Current uses are product testing – design team is staying in the unit themselves.
Prior use comments
Building experience comments
Intended use cases Backyard and garage units, disaster relief, homeless housing, medical.
R-value (insulation)
Risk Category
Roof Load (PSF) 0
Indoor Clearance Height (ft) 10
Waterproof? Yes
Professional Engineer Stamp?
Conforms to ICC’s Temporary Structure and Uses Code
Other Structural / Safety Comments
Sustainability / Green Building Certifications?
Materials Used / Made of: Plywood, lumber, aluminum, various tent materials.
Disassembly / Assembly Comments:
Ideal Mounting Surfaces
Anchoring Process



Item Cost ($) Notes
Materials $
Labor $
Delivery $
Budget Total $15,000
Total Per Bed $7,500
Total Per Unit $15,000
Add-on Items
Check all items that are not included in your quote (i.e. would need to be quoted by outside party)
List outside vendors needed to execute (including any architects and engineers)
Possible Delivery Method(s)


Design (days) 0
Production (days) 1
Site Prep (days)
Delivery (days) 1
Total (days) 2
Amount in Inventory (#) Prototype Stage
Production Capacity n/a
Production Location Los Angeles, CA