Statewide Mandate for More Small-Scale Density: SB 478



Statewide Mandate for More Small-Scale Density: SB 478

CA State Senator Scott Weiner
California State Senator, 11th Senate District (City of San Francisco)

California State Senator Scott Weiner, representing the state senate district encompassing the City of San Francisco, is a on mission to increase density in sensible, streamlined ways. In his most recently proposed bill, Housing Opportunity Act or SB 478 aims to incentivize more small-scale, ‘missing-middle’ density typologies in infill urban locations by allowing higher density (measured by floor area ratio) in target zones across the state. The bill sets minimum standards for both FAR (1.5) and minimum lot size requirements (standards to be determined) for residential areas zoned for between two and ten units, an up-zone for all parcels one level above R1 single family zoning. The law also attempts to balance giving more control to the local leaders, while keeping them accountable towards building their fair share of housing for California’s most underserved communities.

Read the bill here.


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