The Essential Housing Campaign

Essential Housing For Our Essential Workers in ‘The Missing Middle’ 

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An ambitious public-private community development campaign to build more than 130k new homes for essential workers in Los Angeles by 2030...


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Tuesdays @ 5 PM
Episode #Presentation TitlePresenter
1Aug. 31st
Kick Off Week
1The Right To Housing for Essential Workers & BeyondMark Ridley-Thomas, Councilmember City of Los Angeles
2How Regional Data Sharing Builds More Equitable HousingRex Richardson, (Now Fmr.) President, Southern California Association of Governments (SCAG)
310 Ways Cities Can Help Build More Infill HousingPatrick Kennedy, Founder/President Panoramic Interests
4The Rise of “The Super Commuters”Chris Salviati, Housing Economist, Apartment List
2Sept. 7th
New Perspectives In Design
5The Downsides of Single Family HomesDiana Lind, Author, “Brave New Home”
6What Is ‘Missing Middle’ Housing?Dan Parolek, Author, “Missing Middle Housing”, Founding Principal, Opticos Design
7Viewing The Built World Through A Black LensDemar Matthews, Architect & Founder, OffTop Design
8Tour of “The Commons” (in Melbourne)Jeremy McLeod, Founder & Design Director, Breathe Architecture
3Sept. 14th
Innovation In Construction
9The Benefits & Challenges of 3D Printing Buildings (Dubai)Benjamin Piper, Partner/Design Principal, Killa Design
10The Benefits & Challenges of Modular ConstructionDarren Seary, FRICS, Founder, Optimum Modular Solutions
11Tour of The 11-Story Tower Built in a Day (in Changsha, China)Juliet Jiang, SVP, Broad Building Systems (Broad Group)
4Sept. 21st
Planning Big
12Finding A City’s Capacity For New Housing (HELPR)Robin Franke, Solutions Team Engineer, ESRI
13How To Use Public Land For Scaling New Housing DevelopmentHelmi Hisserich, Fmr. Assistant General Manager, Los Angeles City Housing Dept.
14How To ‘Upzone’ An Entire City (Minneapolis 2040 Plan)Paul Mogush, Community Planning Manager, City of Minneapolis
15Tour of “Mehr Als Wohnen” (in Zurich)Henrik Siebenpfeiffer, Director, Duplex Architects
5Sept. 28th
Building with New Materials
16The Future of Wood ConstructionBill Parsons, VP, WoodWorks
17Tour of “La Borda” (in Barcelona)Carles Baiges Camprubí, Partner, Lacol Architecture Cooperative
18The Future of Concrete ConstructionGregg Lewis, EVP, National Ready Mixed Concrete Association (NRMCA)
19Tour of “The Nightingale 1” (in Melbourne)Bonnie Herring, Director of Architecture, Breathe Architecture
6Oct. 5th
Innovations in Finance
20A New Type of Funding For Moderate Income Housing
Jon Penkower, Managing Director, California Statewide Communities Development Authority
21How Banks Underwrite Moderate Income Housing DevelopmentBryan Barker, Managing Director, Citi Community Capital
22Reinventing Social Housing In ViennaKurt Hofstetter, Director of Vienna IBA, Vienna City Planning Department
23Tour of “Great Scott Trio” (in Portland)Kevin Cavenaugh, Owner/Founder, Guerrilla Development
7Oct. 12th
New Definitions for Housing
24What is a “Black Aesthetic” in Architecture?Demar Matthews, Architect & Founder, OffTop Design
25Five Alternative Housing Models For AmericaDiana Lind, Author, “Brave New Home”
26Redefining “Workforce Housing” (with Shelterforce Magazine)Miriam Axel-Lute, CEO & Editor-in-Chief, Shelterforce Magazine
27Tour of “Atomic Orchard Experiment” (in Portland)Kevin Cavenaugh, Owner/Founder, Guerrilla Development
8Oct. 19th
New Types of Communities
28Designing A Walkable, Affordable, For-Sale Subdivision (Compton)Gerhard Mayer, AIA, Principal, GGLO Design
29Tour of “Tungo Place” (in Nairobi)Kariba Moko & Frida Kariba, Co-Founders/Partners, Moad Capital
30Building Workforce Housing On School LandDana Cuff, Director, cityLAB
9Dec. 7th
New Types of Construction
31New Affordable Design Competition in FrankfurtPeter Cachola Schmal, Museum Director, Deutsches Architekturmuseum (DAM)
32 Building Housing Over Freeways (AirSpace Homes)Charlie Perla, Principal Architect, DMS PERLA
33Housing Made of Concrete Culverts (Boyle Tower)Jose Herrasti, Principal Architect, Mutuo


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