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Yakov 750

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1 Bed / 1 Bath


2 weeks
2 weeks

What makes our ADU offer stand out is its simplicity, ease of building, and the highly optimized use of the 750 sq. ft. space. Our primary goal was to satisfy the needs of both homeowners and future tenants, by optimizing backyard space, living space, material choice, and project difficulty. We created an exceptionally practical design which is easy to implement, seamless in most backyards, and still presents a warm home, prioritizing quality of life over square footage. It brings the occupants a comfortable daily life, feels spacious and open, and at the same time remains just the right size to fit in an average backyard with room to spare.

Depth (longest edge): 27 ft
Width (shortest edge): 27 ft
Height: 8.5 ft
Planned Occupancy: 2 residents
State Approved Unit? Yes
In Stock / Ready to Ship Today? No
Used for Shelter Before? Yes
% On-Site Assembly: >75% - Majority of Structure Assembled and/or Built On-Site
On-Site Set Up Difficulty: Low Skill
Portability: Not intended to be moved
Manufacturing Location:

About: Founded in 2017, Yakov Design is a Los Angeles based small residential architecture and design firm. We specialize in developing floor and house plans, 3D plans, providing drafting services, and assistance in obtaining building permits. Yakov Design's primary focus is on providing quality and affordable services in the residential sector. Our mission is to strive for success by delivering thoughtful architectural design of house plans. When it comes to client service, we go beyond and above to completely satisfy clients' needs and provide the most effective design solutions. Yakov Design & Build is a full service company with a mission to provide a complete solution to planning, designing, construction, project management and more. We handle every step of the project for our clients, and strive to make their construction experience streamlined, as easy as possible, and free of unpleasant surprises. Yakov architectural design firm fields a staff of architects, designers, and draftsmen with a mission to provide architectural services in accordance with the project demands of any size, from small backyard bungalows to larger residential properties.
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