Factory OS

Factory OS


From the same sprawling Vallejo, California factory that rebuilt the U.S. Navy’s Pacific Fleet after Pearl Harbor, Factory OS is a housing manufacturer addressing the nation’s latest crisis: housing affordability.

Factory OS builds wood-frame modular units for single family homes and larger multifamily projects from its factory – the factory’s production line of ~200 workers and two dozen assembly stations can produce 2,000 to 3,000 housing units per year.

Industry veterans Rick Holliday and Larry Pace cofounded Factory OS in 2017, with their first order in hand for 300 modular units from Google’s parent company, Alphabet (story). Rick Holliday, an affordable housing pioneer and prior founder of three development companies (Eden Housing, BRIDGE Housing, and Holliday Development) and Larry Pace, construction innovator and previous founder and president of Canon Constructors North continue to innovate new ways to build housing offsite.

Innovation Lab

Factory OS has partnered with UC Berkeley’s Terner Center for Housing Innovation and Terner Center’s Housing Lab to create an Innovation Lab, located in the factory’s penthouse. The Lab convenes architects, engineers, public officials, academics, corporations, developers, and students to develop greater efficiencies in off-site construction. Learn more about the Innovation Lab here. In addition, Factory OS has partnered with Autodesk for streamlining manufacturing processes and sharing those learning with the industry (learn more here).


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