The Conrad N. Hilton Foundation

The Conrad N. Hilton Foundation


Established to exist in perpetuity, The Conrad N. Hilton Foundation ranks as one of the twenty largest foundations by assets, with a $6 billion endowment. Its mission is rooted in the life interests and last will of its founder – Conrad Hilton (founder of Hilton Hotels), pursuing approaches that touch a diversity of people, places and needs and focused on health, youth, and faith. Over the past 75 years, they have invested in 11 program areas, giving over $100 million annually, partnering with grantees, generating new knowledge, giving voice to issues and joining with others to achieve measurable impact.

Highlighted Work: Ending Homelessness in Los Angeles

The Conrad N. Hilton Foundation, California Community Foundation, Weingart Foundation, and Kresge Foundation are working alongside PSH developers, providers, and lenders to envision what it will take to increase the City’s current production of 300 PSH units a year to 1,000 each year—and how philanthropy can help jumpstart growth. To triple the number of PSH units created in the City of LA, the working group is supporting capacity expansion for PSH developers to collectively start 10 to 15 new developments each year to leverage Proposition HHH funding, a City bond that was passed by voters in November 2016.

The Foundation generously donates towards efforts to end homelessness in LA County, recently donating $9 million to United Way’s Home For Good initiative. Learn more about their work in homelessness (link).


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