The Los Angeles Housing + Community Investment Department (“HCIDLA”) oversees the City of Los Angeles’ wide array of social services and housing programs that assist low-income, homeless, and special needs populations, in addition to managing supportive and affordable housing development for the City of Los Angeles (the ‘managed pipeline’) and enforcing many rental regulations – such as The Rent Stabilization Ordinance under The Ellis Act.

HCIDLA is the merger between LA City’s former Housing Department and the Community Development Department. In March 2013, HCIDLA assumed responsibility for monitoring all residential affordable housing projects previously funded and monitored by the former Community Redevelopment Agency of the City of Los Angeles (CRA/LA), which was dissolved by the State of California in 2011.

HCIDLA has a seven-member advisory board responsible for reviewing responding to and providing recommendations on the City’s housing policies  and affordable housing goals. Learn more here.

Highlighted Initiative

Most recently, HCIDLA has been overseeing the City of Los Angeles’ $1.2 billion bond-funded permanent supportive housing pipeline (known as Proposition HHH), which will add over 7,400 low-income deed-restricted housing units across 87 projects in Los Angeles between 2018 and 2022. View the Progress Dashboard here.



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