M-Rad Architecture


M-Rad is an international, award-winning architecture, design, branding, and development studio based in Los Angeles. M-RAD’s mission is to revolutionize the architecture industry by creating stylish, customized, and affordable solutions to universal problems.

M-RAD’s recent work in the housing realm has pushed the boundaries of mobile tiny homes, accessory dwelling units, and multifamily and single family residences across the country. Learn more about their latest projects here.

Highlighted Project:

M-Rad designed five luxury accessible mobile units for a picturesque site in Yosemite National Park for the luxury retreat company, AutoCamp. The ergonomic design maximizes every square inch of the 275 square foot unit interior, while providing plenty of panoramic views and natural light. The project pushes the boundaries of what is possible for both mobile and micro-living. Learn more about the project here.


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