Mobile Housing

Mobile Housing

Mobile housing is on the move.

Los Angeles

While most homes must be attached to foundations, units on wheels (i.e. trailers) are only permitted under special regulation for homeless housing or where mobile home parks are permitted. The City has 57 Mobile Home Parks with approximately 6,500 spaces.

LA City’s Department of City Planning allows trailers for use as temporary accommodations for the homeless – one example is the bridge shelters. LA City also allows mobile homes under the ADU ordinance, as long as the undercarriage (wheels, axles, tongue and hitch) are hidden from view.

In 2019, City Planning revised its Zoning Code to allow movable tiny homes as a type of ADU (source). The newly adopted rules define a movable tiny home as a residential unit between 150 to 430 square feet that provides complete independent living facilities for one or more persons.

Relevant Resources


  • Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Housing Innovation Collaborative
  • Los Angeles City Planning Housing Innovation Collaborative
  • M-Rad Housing Innovation Collaborative
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LACDA led an RFP for a 3D printed house.

LACDA led an RFP for a 3D printed house.

The 3D printing process is starting to evolve – using photosensitive resin and light.

Earlier this year, Icon printed a welcome center for a master-planned community in Austin, Texas, designed for people who have been chronically homeless, and the company is beginning to print 400-square-foot homes in the community that will be completed in early 2020.