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Panoramic Interests

Panoramic Interests


Headquartered in downtown San Francisco, Panoramic Interests has been building high-density infill development projects in the Bay Area since 1990. Panoramic Interests’ work in downtown Berkeley and San Francisco includes 15 projects, adding more than a 1,000 new units of housing and 100,000 square feet of commercial space.

Highlighted Innovations

Panoramic installed the first independently accessed, stacked, parking lifts in a commercial development in the U.S. (1995). It was the first developer to incorporate on-premises City CarShare in its buildings (2001). It also built the first car-free, high-rise micro-apartment project in the U.S. (2015). All of its rental projects have rooftop gardens, energy-efficient designs, and ground floor retail space reserved for local businesses. Read more here.

Panoramic has spent the last nine years designing and developing stylish and efficient urban housing called CITYSPACE®. MicroPAD® modules can be fabricated in four weeks, which can run concurrent with the permitting process. Installation on-site takes four to eight months. A MicroPAD® building can provide quality housing, in full compliance with all building codes, within nine months of city approval. Learn more here.


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