United Dwelling

United Dwelling


United Dwelling is helping solve LA’s housing issues by helping homeowners convert their backyards and unused car storage into new units of affordable housing. United Dwelling facilitates converting underutilized garages or backyards into attractive rental units at a price low enough to be truly affordable. United Dwelling manages the renovation, lease up, and property management of the converted garage, providing homeowners with the same income they would gain if they did it themselves.

United Dwelling was founded in Los Angeles in 2018 by successful venture capitalist, Steven Dietz. United Dwelling partners with several other leaders in the housing industry, including Modative, a pioneering LA-based design and build firm, and Chrysalis, an organization that helps homeless and low-income individuals find a pathway to employment. In partnership with the homeowner, United Dwelling leases the garage or backyard from the homeowner, then finances, builds, and manages the new rental home, paying a monthly lease to the homeowner. At the end of the lease term, the homeowner owns the housing unit outright. Learn more about the process here.


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