Church-Owned Housing

Church-Owned Housing

Faith communities and religious organizations are some of the largest property owners in Los Angeles and will continue to play a key role in building more housing in the City.

State lawmakers want to override local zoning codes to let churches and other nonprofits build affordable housing on their own land. For example, State Senator Wiener’s latest bill, SB 899, would allow religious institutions to build up to three stories and as many as 40 units by right in R1-2/single family-restricted zones for 100% affordable housing projects with 55-year low income deed restrictions. Track it here this legislative season.

Organizations such as YIBGY (“Yes in God’s Backyard”) are helping a diverse range of faith communities navigate the affordable housing development process. Their first development is underway with Clairemont Lutheran Church in San Diego.


  • YIGBY Housing Innovation Collaborative
  • CRATE Modular Housing Innovation Collaborative

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LACDA led an RFP for a 3D printed house.

LACDA led an RFP for a 3D printed house.

The 3D printing process is starting to evolve – using photosensitive resin and light.

Earlier this year, Icon printed a welcome center for a master-planned community in Austin, Texas, designed for people who have been chronically homeless, and the company is beginning to print 400-square-foot homes in the community that will be completed in early 2020.