CRATE Modular

CRATE Modular


CRATE Modular is California’s first and only manufacturer of container-based multi-unit housing and school buildings. With a factory located near two of the largest ports in the country, Los Angeles and Long Beach, CRATE has unrivaled access to an exceptional and often-overlooked “raw” material: nearly brand-new shipping containers that go unused after one-way trips carrying dry goods from China. CRATE repurposes the ‘certified-fresh’ shipping containers into a wide variety of custom and off-the-shelf housing typologies, from backyard homes to multi-story apartment buildings.

Highlighted Project:

CRATE’s team was involved in building the first multifamily affordable housing building in the U.S. made out of shipping containers. The award-winning project, called Potters Lane, was designed specifically to house homeless veterans and continues to be an inspirational model for creative affordable housing developments.


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