A modular high pressure inflatable tent system made of heavy duty seamless 6-inch diameter pneumatic tubes, used for general or long term use (decontamination unit, base camp, field hospital, refugee camp etc.).

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10 residents / 1 tent

$6,425 / resident

Temporary (<6 months)

1 days offsite1 days onsite

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NIXUS | PRO is a modular high pressure inflatable tent system for general or long term use (decontamination unit, base camp, field hospital, refugee camp etc.). The tough structure of PRO tents is made of heavy duty seamless pneumatic tubes of 6’’ (150 mm) diameter. High pressure tubes of 6“ diameter and a way of their connection to the canopy are making PRO tents the most resistant inflatable structure to the strong wind and show load in their category. Each tent is packed in a strong PVC waterproof bag, with an option of additional transport packing in aluminum or Clip-Lok boxes. The set of installation and repair kit is in a scope of the delivery.

  • Quoted Total Cost: $64,250
  • Quote’s Total Interior Square Footage: 1,307 sqft (34’5”x38’)
  • Quote Sleeps # People/Beds: 10 beds
  • Quote Includes # Units: 1 units
  • In Stock / Ready to Ship Today: Yes


Used for shelter before?Yes
Used for shelter in the U.S.?Yes
If so, list examples
Prior use comments
Building experience comments
Intended use casesSuitable for field hospital, storage hall, maintenance hangar, or a hangar for small aeroplanes, drones/UAVs.
R-value (insulation)
Risk Category
Roof Load (PSF)
Indoor Clearance Height (ft)
Professional Engineer Stamp?
Conforms to ICC’s Temporary Structure and Uses Code
Other Structural/Safety Comments
Sustainability/Green Building Certifications?
Materials Used/Made of:
Disassembly/Assembly Comments:
Ideal Mounting Surfaces
Anchoring ProcessInflatable structure


ItemCost ($)Notes
Budget Total$64,250
Total Per Bed$6,425
Total Per Unit$64,250
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Production (days)0, in stock
Site Prep (days)1
Delivery (days)1
On-Site Assembly (days)2
Total (days)4
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