Finding A City’s Capacity For New Housing, with HELPR



Finding A City’s Capacity For New Housing, with HELPR

Robin Franke
Urban Planning and Smart City Solutions, ESRI

To ensure each community in California can meet their local housing production goals as mandated by the state, the Housing Element Parcel (HELPR) (or “HELPR Tool”) by ESRI helps cities determine their current housing inventory, buildable capacity based on current zoning, and if needed, can determine whether program actions must be adopted to “make sites available” with appropriate zoning, development standards, and infrastructure capacity to accommodate the new development need. The HELPR Tool was completed for Southern California Association of Governments (SCAG), the Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) of six of the ten counties in Southern California representing 191 cities and over 18 million people across Imperial CountyLos Angeles CountyOrange CountyRiverside CountySan Bernardino County, and Ventura County. The HELPR tool maps more than 5 million parcels across 191 cities, with the ability to filter parcels by more than 20 data layers, including size, zoning, existing land use, proximity to services, and beyond.

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