Berggruen Institute

The Berggruen Institute


The Berggruen Institute was established in 2010 by its billionaire founder, Nicolas Berggruen, to develop foundational ideas about how to reshape political and social institutions in the face of these great transformations. The Berggruen Institute works across cultures, disciplines and political boundaries, engaging great thinkers to develop and promote long-term answers to the biggest challenges of the 21st Century – from the “future of capitalism” to the “future of democracy” and “the human experience”.

In 2018, The Berggruen Institute’s Fellow, Gabriel Kahan, created a program that aims to create an urban collective-intelligence resource to help people from all backgrounds and abilities to have a voice in their community, understand their city, guide multi-pronged decision making, and cultivate shared perspectives. The program, called Sense LA, explores themes of social cohesion and public participation through organized gatherings called creative assemblies. Learn more about attending one of their upcoming public creative assemblies here.



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