Community Insights

Community Insights

Understanding the existing community’s needs and aspirations are the first steps in building a better home.

Highlighted Community Engagement Programs:

  • Designing the We – Based in New York City, Designing the We’s WElabs are an ecosystem of community hubs where localized knowledge and projects connect neighbors, institutions and professionals. The WElab platform is an infrastructure for generating community-driven social, cultural and economic development. It’s one part incubator, one part community library. The organization created the Undesign the Redline framework, which includes a traveling exhibit inviting participants to learn the history, interact with the stories and invent the future of undoing structural inequities of racism and classism.
  • Sense LA – Based in Los Angeles and powered by the Berggruen Institute, Sense LA hosts LA-wide set of creative assemblies designed to harness the power of art + collective intelligence to better connect communities and the city.


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