Blokable is a Seattle-based early-stage housing manufacturer. Blokable’s comprehensive kit-of-parts building system, known as The Blokable Building System (BBS), is designed, engineered, and manufactured to consistently produce high-quality, low-cost, connected housing. The standardized, modular housing components are assembled entirely in their manufacturing facility and designed to be stacked, combined, and connected to create projects ranging from single family homes to multi-story apartment projects.

Blokable’s co-founder and co-CEO, Aaron Holm, is a real estate innovator, originally transforming the in-store retail experience spearheading Amazon’s first two physical retail businesses: Amazon Go and Amazon Books. After working through the inefficiencies of the building and permitting process in retail development, he has now partnered with other experts in the development-as-a-service world to transform the housing development process.

The startup manufactures modular smart home units in a warehouse in Vancouver, WA, with plans to open a second manufacturing facility in Sacramento, CA.

Highlighted Project:

In March 2020, in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Blokable has been helping provide rapid housing solutions, in partnership with Washington State Department of Health – read more about their latest efforts (link here).


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