Boxabl is an early stage housing manufacturer based in Las Vegas, Nevada. The company is developing patented modules that will be “universal building blocks” for contractors to build homes. Designed to be shipped anywhere in the world, Boxabl’s home modules fold into 8.5-foot-wide packages, avoiding over-sized trucking and shipping fees.

Folding out from an 8.5-foot-wide package, their customizable 375 sq. ft. home (known as The Boxabl Casita) can be delivered to the site fully completed (all appliances) at a price of $49,500, folded out in one day. The building modules are designed with a unique combination of expanded foam over cement panels, make them fire proof and resistant to impacts, bugs, and mold.

Boxabl is planning to be in full production in a Las Vegas factory by mid/late 2020, with plans to ship housing modules worldwide.


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