Rethinking Geometry

A house is really just a collection of parts, coming in a variety of shapes, that are assembled in their own particular way. Rethinking the geometry of each one of those pieces, even if only from a different angle, allows us to reshape home, and improve our quality of life.

The Triangle

Los Angeles-based architecture firm Mutuo’s DUO system consists of sustainable wood panels that can be arranged into an infinite number of design compositions – all made out of same, interchangable panels.

The Hexagon

The Hex House is a small home but it is more spacious, has more natural light, and comes with more common sense design than most squares. The hexagon appears in nature for a reason. The Hex House uses that natural geometric element to optimize home living.

The Box

Las Vegas-based housing manufacturer, Boxabl, has designed a fully-amenitized 400 square foot housing unit – including a full kitchen and bath – that folds down to a 8.5 x 20 foot box that neatly fits on a standard-size trailer bed for economical long haul, cross-country deliveries.

The Dome

In 2019, rapper Kanye West constructed a series of dome-shaped housing prototypes on his 300-acre property in Calabasas, CA. This was part of Kanye’s rumored launch of a new line of affordable housing designs, known as Yeezy Homes. Without a building permit, the domes were ordered to be torn down by from Los Angeles County Department of Public Works.

The Square

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