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Coutour Crafting Corp


Founded in 2017 by ‘The Father of Large-Scale 3D Printing’ Dr. Behrokh Khoshnevis, Contour Crafting Corp (“CC Corp”) was the first venture capital funded construction 3D printing (“C3DP”) company in the world. CC Corp has developed 3D printing technology that has pushed the boundaries of building construction – both here at home and in the great beyond. With 100+ patent assets and counting, CC Corp is the undeniable technology leader in the budding C3DP industry. Drawing from Behrokh’s nearly three decades of R&D in the field, CC Corp has developed the most advanced technologies to enable C3DP as a commercially viable alternative to traditional construction.

Most recently as a part of an award from the US Department of Navy, in 2020 CC Corp demonstrated the world’s first deployable C3DP machine which requires only one operator and when prepared for transport fits within a twenty-foot equivalent (TEU) container size which is common in the transportation industry. The single operator can assemble the machine in a matter of minutes, perform the construction activity, clean and prepare the machine for transport to the next construction site.

CC Corp remains focused in supporting United States government agencies with their C3DP goals, and in deploying C3DP to address the affordable housing crisis that is plaguing our world today.

  • CC Corp has worked with NASA, as part of the Innovative Advanced Concepts (NIAC) program, to use their technology to construct hangers for landers and homes on Mars and the Moon – a major leap in space exploration to overcome the challenge of transporting building material into space.
  • Here at home, CC Corp is working on the first application of construction 3D printing in Los Angeles County – with the goal to be able to print a home on-site in one day. CC Corp is headquartered the Aerospace Capital of the World – El Segundo, California.


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