3D Printing

3D Printing

3D printing was invented by Los Angeles-based Contour Crafting in 1998. Now several firms are tackling the challenge of creating 3D printed structures – with applications ranging from backyard homes in LA to space bases on Mars.

3d printing is pushing the boundaries of home building, one inch at a time. The printer works by squirting a concrete mixture in layers to build floors and walls. Software monitors the weather conditions, and the machine can adjust the mixture. 3D printing machines vary on how fast they print.

1st 3D-Printed Village

1st 3D-Printed Village

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LACDA led an RFP for a 3D printed house

LA City Council Proposes Using 3D Printers Paid For By ‘Millionaires Income Tax’ To Build Homeless Residences – Wesson said a 0.5% millionaires’ income tax would generate an estimated $243 million per year in Los Angeles County.

Will 3D Printing Solve the Affordable Housing Crisis? (Dwell)

The 3D printing process is starting to evolve – using photosensitive resin and light.