Designing the WE

Designing the WE


Designing the WE (“dtW”) is a for-benefit social impact design studio based in New York City. dtW is positioned within the fields of social innovation and community driven social, cultural and economic development, leading projects that facilitate collaborative processes to redefine how big picture systemic challenges are approached, identify opportunities for action, and co-design more holistic and resilient strategies centered on positive transformation.

dtW’s clients, partners and communities range from municipalities to institutions and triple bottom line businesses. dtW has completed projects across the country – including WElabs (community hubs where localized knowledge and projects connect neighbors, institutions and professionals), economic development clinics, and community-based projects.

dtW is perhaps best known in Los Angeles for their “Undesign the Redline” exhibit, a nationwide, traveling interactive exhibit, workshop series, and curriculum that explores the history of structural racism and classism. The exhibit educates the public about the past – how the racist and classist policies have compounded since the 1938 Redlining maps until today – and empowers us to act with intentionality in the future, how “WE” can come together to undesign these systems and create more inclusive, prosperous communities. Find the nearest exhibit here.



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