Neighborhood Empowerment

Neighborhood Empowerment

  • The United Neighbors in Defense Against Displacement(UNIDAD) coalition includes non-profits, churches, and small businesses in South Los Angeles fighting against displacement. UNIDAD is a founding member of Right to the City Alliance, a national organization composed of dozens of place-based community organizations fighting for equitable land use.
  • Little Tokyo Community Council (LTCC) advocates on behalf of the Little Tokyo community, and provides the opportunity for the community to speak effectively with one voice for the best interests and betterment of Little Tokyo.
  • Enterprise’s Sustainable Connected Communities (SCC) initiative unites affordable housing developers, community-based organizations from across sectors, public agencies, community leaders and advocates to advance collective efforts and co-create more inclusive and equitable neighborhoods that provide opportunities for residents of all income levels.


  • Designing the WE Housing Innovation Collaborative
  • Department of Neighborhood Empowerment Housing Innovation Collaborative
  • TRUST South LA Housing Innovation Collaborative
  • United Way Housing Innovation Collaborative
  • SAJE Housing Innovation Collaborative
  • LA-Más Housing Innovation Collaborative
  • Inclusive Action for the City Housing Innovation Collaborative

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