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Flyaway Homes


Flyaway Homes is a for-profit developer of permanent supportive housing headquartered in Los Angeles. Run as a social benefit organization, Flyaway is working on perfecting a scalable, replicable, fundable, and cost-effective model for building permanent supportive housing (PSH) in a third of the time and for a third of the cost per person of the traditional development model.

Flyaway develops their projects in partnership with social services provider The People Concern, CBRE’s site selection expertise, West Builders leading construction management, and a growing group of private social impact investors. Their first PSH project, PSH Colden (820 W Colden Avenue) was completed in 2019 – a 32-bed, 8-unit modern 3-story building made of retrofitted shipping containers.

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820 W Colden Avenue, Los Angeles, CA


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