The Rise of “The Super Commuters”




The Rise of “The Super Commuters”

Chris Salviati
Housing Economist, Apartment List

The future may have promised us supercomputers and the prospect of remote work, but supercommuters are on the rise as well – those that drive more than three hours a day to work (90 minutes each way). Supercommuting reduces not just time at the office and time at home, but lost productivity, happiness, and community cohesion. In places like Los Angeles, where the problem is worsening due to a strong labor market and restrictive infill housing development, it has reached crisis levels – over 2 million, the highest of any city, now prove how many are going to great lengths just to make ends meet.

“I think this really speaks to the need to rethink how we let our metro areas grow,” Salviati says. “When an area’s got a strong economy and is adding a lot of jobs, that’s a good thing. But then when you’re not adding enough housing in the right places to keep pace with that demand, that’s when we get into these issues.”

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