3D Printing Homes in India



3D Printing Homes in India

Adithya Jain, Vidyashankar Chandrasekaran, & Parivarthan Reddy
Co-Founders, Tvasta Manufacturing Solutions

In 2020, Tvasta Manufacturing Solutions constructed India’s first permitted and functional 3D printed house on the IIT Madras Campus (Indian Institute Of Technology), in Chennai, on the east coast of India. The house is 600 square feet and was constructed by assembling 3D-printed panels, which were 3D printed in Tvasta’s facility nearby. Founded by IIT-Madras alumni, Tvasta Construction has developed a ‘Made in India’ technology focusing on leveraging automation and robotics in 3D printing platforms for faster, economical and sustainable construction, in addition to developing its own material mix, which is an extrudable concrete consisting of cement, sand, geopolymers and fibres. The build was made possible with investment from Habitat for Humanity’s ShelterTech. The ShelterTech accelerator — run by Habitat’s Terwilliger Center for Innovation in Shelter and its partners — identifies, nurtures and accelerates start-ups like Tvasta, helping to bring new ideas and technologies to improve low-income housing for families and communities in need of access to decent, affordable homes. Tvasta plans to ramp up operations through partnerships with materials and industrial companies, as well as by licensing their technology to affordable housing developers who they hope can take 3D printed homes to scale across the country.



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