Gensler is a global design and architecture firm with offices in 48 cities in 16 countries worldwide. Organized into 16 diverse practice areas covering a broad spectrum of industry sectors, Gensler has designed world-class stadiums, offices, innovation campuses, and housing projects around the world.

Highlighted Project:

In 2018, Gensler volunteered design and delivery capabilities towards helping the City of Los Angeles build the first “Bridge Home” project – a modular-designed interim housing facility for people experiencing homelessness, built in partnership with the Mayor’s Office and the Bureau of Engineering. Located blocks from Skid Row, the largest homeless encampment in the U.S., the first-of-its-kind facility provides interim shelter and services for the neighboring homeless population. The project represented the first of many steps towards implementing alternative housing  options for the City’s most vulnerable populations. See project details here.


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