Southern California Institute of Architecture (or “SCI-Arc”) is a world-renowned center of innovation and one of the nation’s few independent architecture schools, offering undergraduategraduate, and postgraduate programs. The school is located in a quarter-mile-long former freight depot in the Arts District of Los Angeles, home to 500 students and 80 faculty members.

Founded by award-winning architect, Ray Kappe, in 1972, the school continues to push the boundaries of design. The Robot House, launched in 2011, has challenged students to create material forms of digital models by orchestrating complex robotic movements in space, in addition to experimenting with 3D printing technology.

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As a neighbor to Los Angeles’ Skid Row, SCI-Arc continues to work on designing ways to alleviate homelessness. Learn more about SCI-Arc’s 2019 Homelessness Charrette here.


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